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Lady Rebel Volleyball

Date Opponent Place Teams/Photo Link
August 25 Walnut Ridge Hutson Center 7th,1,2,3,4
August 26 Cedar Ridge Cedar Ridge 2,4
August 28 Cave City* Cave City Seniors - Juniors - 7th Grade
September 4 Pocahontas* Hutson Center 7th,1,2,3,4
September 6 Cave City Tourney Cave City 4
September 8 Westside* Jonesboro 7th,1,2,3,4
September 11 Brookland* Hutson Center 7th,1,2,3,4
September 15 Southside Hutson Center Seniors - Juniors - 7th Grade
September 16 Harrisburg* Harrisburg 7th,1,2,3,4
September 18 Newport* Newport 7th,1,2,3,4
September 22 Hoxie Hutson Center 7th,1,2,3,4
September 23 Trumann* Hutson Center Seniors - Juniors
September 25 Cave City* Hutson Center 7th,1,2,3,4
September 29 Harrisburg* Hutson Center Seniors - Juniors - 7th Grade
September 30 Pocahontas* Pocahontas 7th,1,2,3,4
October 2 Westside* Hutson Center 7th,1,2,3,4
October 6 Cedar Ridge Hutson Center Seniors - Juniors
October 7 Brookland* Brookland 7th,1,2,3,4
October 14 Newport* (Senior Night) Hutson Center Seniors - Senior Night - Juniors
October 16 Trumann* Trumann 7th,1,2,3,4
October 18 Jr. High District Tourney Newport TBA

            7th Grade, 1=Junior JV, 2=Junior Varsity, 3=Senior JV, 4=Senior Varsity

*Conference Matches

Senior Junior 7th Grade
Sr-Cave City Jr-Cave City 7th-Cave City
Sr-Southside Jr-Southside 7th-Southside
Sr-Trumann Jr-Trumann  
Sr-Harrisburg Jr-Harrisburg 7th-Harrisburg


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